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New Formulas

Yesterday I caught up with the Chemistree team and discussed a lot of exciting things to look forward to in the future, but with all good things that are made, there is a better meal that helped fuel the creatives.

The newest Korean Pop Star: Daniel Yoon. You saw it here first.

We set off to ink.sack to visit the newest venture of Mario Voltaggio, aka the winner of Top Chef… but they sold out. In less than 3 hours. Sold out of food. Wut.

Since we were on Melrose, Tomato Pie seemed as the only logical place to eat at instead. A cool, small little joint amongst all the streetwear commotion. The slice pictured above is the Syracuse, aka my future school!

Also decided to take a small business trip down to De La Barracuda and walked in on the beginning work of the pop up shop that’s being built there! Make sure to stay posted with these guys.

Finally ended the excursion at Boba Bear, where the real business is just beginning to go down. Everyone excited about the Chemistree Line is barely ready for what’s to come, not to mention with the good man of The Red Eye Flight. Check them all out and “like” the page too!

– Willy.


Archive Release Party

Reconnecting with some good friends has never felt better. The homies of Archive Collective have a lot up their sleeve and invited me to their little soire to get a sneak peek on the latest drops. Check them out! DJ Phunk

The Homies

The Line

Visuals to come soon!

– Willy

Ground Breaking Chemistree in L.A.

If you keep up with the Facebook Page, you know I’ve been doing an incredible amount of work with the good people of Chemistree Produce. Please do check me and them out if you haven’t already. But a night with them is nothing short of adventurous.

Rick Ross x Trees takes on a whole new meaning.

The Chemistree Collection

The Chemistree Family

The Chemistree Head Master.

Chemistree is only getting bigger. Look them up and Learn Something.

– Willy

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