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Mr. DJ

Last night I met up with my good homies DJ GNO and DJ Zap and Leanne to help out and support their gig at Boardner’s Club in Hollywood. Aside from all of the confusion that ensued in the beginning, it was a damn good time and the two are ridiculous at what they do. Look them up!

– Willy.


New Formulas

Yesterday I caught up with the Chemistree team and discussed a lot of exciting things to look forward to in the future, but with all good things that are made, there is a better meal that helped fuel the creatives.

The newest Korean Pop Star: Daniel Yoon. You saw it here first.

We set off to ink.sack to visit the newest venture of Mario Voltaggio, aka the winner of Top Chef… but they sold out. In less than 3 hours. Sold out of food. Wut.

Since we were on Melrose, Tomato Pie seemed as the only logical place to eat at instead. A cool, small little joint amongst all the streetwear commotion. The slice pictured above is the Syracuse, aka my future school!

Also decided to take a small business trip down to De La Barracuda and walked in on the beginning work of the pop up shop that’s being built there! Make sure to stay posted with these guys.

Finally ended the excursion at Boba Bear, where the real business is just beginning to go down. Everyone excited about the Chemistree Line is barely ready for what’s to come, not to mention with the good man of The Red Eye Flight. Check them all out and “like” the page too!

– Willy.

Doin It Right Day 3

Once again, if this is your first visit it may be best if you were caught up to speed with everything thats been happening with the fine people of Warm Brew and video with 18mm Productions with posts on Day 1 and Day 2. Today marked the final day of shooting with a call time of 3:00 PM and the beautiful location of a beach house in Malibu, it was much more relaxed than the past. The Set

If you look to the left of Chris’s beautiful face, you’ll see the kind lady that let us use her house to film today.

Al B Smoov

And that’s a wrap. Look out for news of the video here or from Warm Brew or the boys of 18mm Productions.

But just cause the video ended doesn’t mean this is the last encounter with the group. Stay Tuned.

– Willy.

Doin It Right Day 2

Please visit Day 1 on all the madness you’ve been missing out on if this is your first experience to the blog. Day 2 called on a bit more normal call time of 10 A.M., however not all that normal after most of the crew getting what some would barely call “sleep.” Regardless, it’s always a fun time, especially when there are even more new people who came out today. Location: Malibu/PCH Theme: What the fuck?

Beer/Coffee/Creativity. Only things found on set.

Snoop…. I mean Ray Wright.

Set Life/The homie, Dean Hampton‘s house. Check him out on tumblr. Plus the good people of Those Folks, Born X Raised, and Seven Day came out. Check them all out. Very talented people.

Every Set has them. Set dogs.

And while on location BJ and Bomby decided to have a friendly, competitive race. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Bomby vs. BJ

So… BJ wins. Speaking of BJ enjoy the following collection of photos of him by the Silent Assassin.

Look out for Day 3. Warm Brew. Killin it.


P.S. Big thank you to the great support from Richard at Those Folks, as well as all the other support I’ve been getting! The blog reached 500 total hits today!

Doin’ It Right Day 1

Today… or should I say this morning, marked the first day-or night-of filming for the homies of Warm Brew‘s song Doin It Right. Location: Gilbert’s off of Pico & 26th. Call Time: 11:00 P.M. Theme: Humor. Marcus unloading the van.

The Set. The Crew. and Warm Brew.

The master behind the camera. Kenny Vanilly from 18milly–aka 18mm Productions.

And lastly, the obligatory crew shot–because without them you know you wouldn’t be reading this shit in the first place.

Stay tuned for more… much more. Call Time at 9 AM. It’s 3:35. Fuck.

– Willy

P.S. For all those born in the 90s–there’s a jukebox with the Backstreet Boys in it. +1 for Gilbert’s.

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