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Doin’ It Right Day 1

Today… or should I say this morning, marked the first day-or night-of filming for the homies of Warm Brew‘s song Doin It Right. Location: Gilbert’s off of Pico & 26th. Call Time: 11:00 P.M. Theme: Humor. Marcus unloading the van.

The Set. The Crew. and Warm Brew.

The master behind the camera. Kenny Vanilly from 18milly–aka 18mm Productions.

And lastly, the obligatory crew shot–because without them you know you wouldn’t be reading this shit in the first place.

Stay tuned for more… much more. Call Time at 9 AM. It’s 3:35. Fuck.

– Willy

P.S. For all those born in the 90s–there’s a jukebox with the Backstreet Boys in it. +1 for Gilbert’s.

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4 thoughts on “Doin’ It Right Day 1

  1. I really like the vibe I get from this photos, they seem so full of life and it’s like there is no boarder between where I am now and what is happening in them. Mind if I ask you what kind of lenses did you use?

    Posted by M. K [Kohi] | August. 7. 2011., 6.00 am


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18 year old Creative.
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